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It is said that if your actions inspire others to Dream More, Learn More and Do More….you are a leader, a mentor.
You indeed are one Prabhat. 
I can see you becoming a ‘Movement’ where you are stirring thoughts in all stake holders of school education.

Dear Dr.Kaushik It is matter of proud privileged for me to be with you. I am happy to note your vision to create new leaders for the future . Your performance in all the areas of school education has been commendable. I liked the most …..”DON`T FAIL THE CHILD IT IS MURDER” .That is the […]

Dr .Prabhat as the name signifies, resembles the ushering of a new dawn in the world of education and able administration. Knowing him personally gives me a sense of pride and joy and a feeling of being blessed . He is to the world an educationist ,a principal, an administrator, a visionary, a leader and […]

Dr.Kaushik is man of words with high caliber and talent widely traveled, he has acquired deep insight in the field of education he is doing and sharing very innovative educational experiments all over, good at heart, rich in positive thinking, Dr. Kaushik believes in touching the hearts and souls he creates very conducive work environment […]

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik, Principal has emerged as well known Academic. With vast experience as a teacher and principal and administrator , he has dedicated himself to the cause of quality education. Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a fair and consistent personality. He is organized and helpful, steering and motivating everyone with speeches full moral values. Besides […]

I got to meet, listen and interact with you during the programme hosted by the Mysore Sahodaya on last Friday. It was certainly a pleasant experience, listening to you and getting to know about your interest in children and passion for education. It’s certainly a privilege to meet someone of your standing and stature and […]

Dr.Kaushik, whom I know for years , is a prominent and innovative educationist. His sole objective is to serve the humanity with zeal and zest to inculcate positive change through educational pursuits. Besides serving the humanity through learning, his friendly approach and magnetic persona has earned him many friends. He is an excellent Trainer, Assessor, […]

Dr Prabhat Kaushik has surely been one of the highlights of my professional life and has also made a notable impact on how I view modern education today. I think the first thing that struck me about Dr. Kaushik was the easy manner in which he created an immediate comfort zone for each and every […]

“It was a great pleasure listening to you Dr. Kaushik at GEAERD workshop at Ahmedabad. I have attended many seminars, workshops and conclaves but this one was special and motivational. It was special because the full day workshop didn’t go as per the structured agenda but there was much more to learn out of the […]

I am writing this mail to share my experience with you about the life changing ‘21st Century Leadership Workshop’ conducted by you at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. My own personal experience, as well as the experience shared by other educational leaders after the programme, is that the session conducted by you was excellent. It was logical, […]

An excellent intriguing workshop conducted on 20 August,2016 for GEAERD by you sir. Sir, I was touched by your dedication and sincerity. The sea of knowledge that you have left me captivated throughout the workshop. Great insight shared on the kind of grooming the upcoming generation needs,skills we need to value,ideal administrative skills,lesson plan and […]

It was great pleasure to get a chance to interact with you on 12 sep 20014 in the premises of Hyderabad Mount Litera Zee School. You have left lots of food of thoughts for the parents. One which made a very clear picture in my scaun auto copii montare  the pussy hat  חנות צילום ופיתוח […]

It was great pleasure to get a chance to interact with you on 19 Nov 20014 in the premises of Mount Litera Zee School. I would like to thank you from very deep of my heart for your encouragement and inspiration towards a leading lesson . I appreciated your words air max 90 chambray  bluedio […]

My interaction with you was an enriching and remarkable moment of my educational journey so far. I found in you the perfect blend of all the qualities that an excellent educationist needs. The most striking features were; your qualities of putting up constant efforts in order to maintain a balance among your work, staffs and […]

The workshop was very useful and informative. Your speech was very simple but powerful. I realised that I have been a hard working teacher only!! I need to become a well organised and efficient teacher!! The idea of adopting few students was an excellent and impressive one!! Share

With utmost humility I would like to thank you for the thought provoking session, which you took at MLZS Bhagalpur. I look forward to many more such sessions as it instilled a lot of positive thoughts in me. I am sure that I speak for all my colleagues too. Share

Its been more than 4 years that I know Dr. Kaushik where we have shared the same platform addressing more than 100 Principals in Jaipur. its been a remarkable experience to hear him, your address transformed my life Sir. Dr. Kaushik is a ‘A Man with Vision’ and that’s not all… An articulate mentor who […]

I had a chance to meet Dr. Kaushik in our school a few years back. Dr Prabhat,is a well known educationist. He seemed to be like any other ordinary person ,but as he began to introduce himself and shared his views with us , he emerged as a man of deep knowledge, sincerity and hard […]

Thank you very much for sharing all your experiences with us. The best thing about you is that you do not keep any secret to yourself rather you share it with all of us.Your confession of not understanding simple words like today, tomorrow and yesterday in your struggling years have always motivated us to accept […]

You are a man with Positive attitude and motivation. At the first sight you are looking simple person but when you introduce yourself and expressing your views with us you are seems to be a innovative and person of deep knowledge .your workshop was very nice and full of knowledge… Share

The ideas and suggestions given by you were very informative like individual success plan, needs analysis and individual improvement teacher plan. I feel very proud to have you as our chairman .Thank you sir for your guidance and encouragement. Share

It is hard to find a polite person like Dr.P.K. Kaushik ,who is an eminent educationist .Dr. Kaushik is a successful educationist who encourages the students to go beyond the books please keep us guided as our true disciple Share

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. I like your views that every child is special for a teacher weather they are brilliant or average. thank you for your motivation Share

The enlightening oration of Dr. Kaushik on 19th November 2014 at MLZS, Dhanbad truly rejuvenated me, especially the part in which he pitched for English marathon. Share

People starving for Govt. jobs where becoming an IAS officer is a dream for millions of students. You left the job and opted for opening a school to amend the future of thousands of children was really inspiring for me and many other people. The first impression I got when I saw you was “Simple […]

He is well known educationists and a dynamic leader. He shared his views with us for doing our duties with perfection in the school. I impressed with his motivational and innovative views. Thank you sir for guiding us as our mentor. Share

I feel very proud to say that Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a very hardworking, simple and courageous person. Dr Kaushik ,is a well known educationist. He believes to do hard work to achieve success. No matter how many obstacles he encounters in his path, he takes them head on and move forward. Share

“ A leader has a vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done” – Ralph Lauren Royal Oak International School established with a single vision of bringing quality through constant innovation in the field of education and making a difference in the life of […]

What attracts everybody towards Dr. Kaushik in his knack of making difficult problems understandable and easy to follow. He invested his entire cargo of life’s substantial treasure to evolve new educational approach which is essential development. If as a teacher we could emulate just a fraction of great qualities he has , we would be […]

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik, A globe trotter, is one of the most eminent and versatile personality in education domain. His persona does not limit with education but spread in talent acquisition, leadership motivation and governing educational bodies. He is deeply associated with multiple national and international agencies of repute and has been decorated by several organisations […]

His contributions towards education sector by finding innovative and simple methods has surely taken education in India to a newer level. His work in field of education has laid a bright and strong foundation for future generations. Dr. Kaushik is undoubtedly the most sought after educationist in today’s time not only in India but globally […]

I feel proud to work with Dr. Prabhat Kaushik, an honorable personality who has given great contribution in the field of education. He emphasis on the holistic development of students. According to him non – scholastic activities like dance, drama and sports play an important role in a student’s life. Sir, I feel comfortable to […]

I, Anuradha Chaudhry is feeling proud to say that Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a very hardworking, simple, practical, courageous and focused person. He believes in only one direction that is to move forward. No matter how many obstacles he encounters in his path, he takes them head on and strives forward. He has crossed many […]

You are the one who taught strength doesn’t come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. I thank you from the depth of my heart to be with me as a guide, mentor and yes of course you never step back even to play the role of a father. I would not even hesitate to […]

It is my privilege to get an opportunity to describe Dr. Prabhat Kumar kaushik. To describe him in words is an uphill task for me. He is a person with innovative approach, who never hesitates to take initiative to apply and follow the new rules for the betterment of people around him. He has always […]

“In a shop of flowers or perfumes a person gets benefitted with their fragrance even without buying them.” Respected Dr Prabhat Kaushik, your presence in our life has made us energetic and hardworking like you. Thank you for your guidance and motivation, for we will cherish everything learnt from you and pass the same to […]

Dr Prabhat Kaushik, from the series of marvelous experiences under your guidance it’s a great pleasure for me to share my views about you. You have always been present among us to give the shadow of your fantastic vision. In other words I can say that you are a dynamic leader whose tireless efforts have […]

I owe my grateful thanks to Dr Prabhat Kaushik because without his guidance & support it would have been difficult for me to accept challenging tasks in my life. I have learnt to survive in this competitive era. His quickness of taking marvelous & problem solving decisions surprise me. I want to work and grow […]

I am thankful to Dr. P.K. Kaushik as he always motivates people associated with him. He is always ready to encourage and teach positive vaiues of life. I feel full of confidence after listening to his motivational speeches in meetings which clearly convey, “Hard work is always the key to success.” Thank you sir, to […]

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a fair and consistent personality. He is organized and helpful, steering and motivating everyone with speeches full moral values. He takes ardent interest in the ‘Holistic Development’of people around him. I am happy to work with him. Share

It is my privilege that I am working with Dr. Prabhat Kumar Kaushik. He has tremendous skill and knowledge in all the fields of education.He has introduced many new systems to make everything simple and understandable.Thankyou sir for your support and guidance. Share

I am privileged to grab the opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Prabhat Kaushik, which is always a great source of inspiration for everyone. You are really a potential factor in my life for providing me a positive outlook. I am really impressed by your motto of ‘busy bee pleasure’ which has always […]

“Seek the excellence and success will follow you.” This is a great saying that should really be followed but how, that is implemented under the guidance of Dr.Prabhat Kaushik. Thank you, Sir. Share

It has rightly been said that a man can achieve anything through hard work and dedication. “Who dare, there is whole world to win.”And this has been proved by respected Dr. Prabhat Kaushik. This has helped me to accept all the challenges in my life. He has always polished and trained people to perfections and […]

It is said that “The heart that rocks the cradle rules the world.” We working with Dr. Prabhat Kaushik often feel and experience the mystical touch of a magical power rocking us gently, not to put us to sleep but to awake and arise the challenges that lie ahead. To keep everyone abreast with what […]

Dr. Kaushik you always motivate everyone and have a magical power to develop a negative personality into positive one. You are a great speaker and your speeches are full of positive motivations which can turn even a coal into a shining gold coin. Thank you for all your support. Share

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a prominent innovative educationalist who is constantly trying to bring about a marked improvement and development in the field of education. His vast innovative and motivational ideas have contributed immensely to the development of education both in India and globally. He is a pillar of strength to all educational bodies he […]

“Ideals are the stars we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea we chart our course by them” Respected Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is that famous personality whose dedication and devotion is glowing like the sun. Whose inspirations and instructions are like couplets for us. He is a person who always gives us […]

Sir you are the force who has helped me in grooming my personality. I have always respected your idea of ‘Being Happy by providing comfort and happiness to others’ I follow the path of simple living, high thinking, don’t compare, don’t criticize and always work for progress as these are golden guiding directions given by […]

I firmly believe that, Dr. Prabhat Kaushik, your guidance can change the lives of people connected with you. I can feel a great difference in me after coming in contact with you. You have provided me a positive outlook for life. I have learned to move ahead fearlessly. Thank you sir for everything. Share

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is the great personality who is adding more and more feathers in the cap of the field of education. You are an abundant source of guidance for the minds of each learner who longs for enlightenment of knowledge in their lives irrespective of their age. Thank you sir for guiding us to […]

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik believes in learning and implementing new things for the progress in the lives of people. He is a great person who strongly believe in “simple living and high thinking” I am happy to work with him. Thank you sir for your guidance. Share

No words can measure the depth of the respect I have for you. You always have been a guiding force who ushered me the way to accomplish my dreams. Your motto of believing in ourselves that “We can do it whatever it is” left an everlasting impression on me. Apart from my professional life you […]

Dr.Prabhat kaushik exhibits great leadership qualities. He always takes responsibility for the success of the people associated with him. He is visionary, fair and consistent in his judgment. He is a patient listener and helps everyone to solve their problem. I am happy to work with him. Share

I owe my thanks to you for providing me an opportunity to groom my skills. You made me confident. You are the source of light that guides me to do anything in life fearlessly. Thank you Dr. Kaushik for making me build my self confidence. Share

Respected Dr. Kaushik, your idea that ‘Education is the investment our generation makes in the future’ has always motivated to teach and help needy around me. Thank you sir for your motivation. Share

Dr. PK is sharing the Nation with his hard work and dedication in the field of Education. He strongly believes that knowledge is the strongest power one can achieve. Thank you sir for your efforts in the field of education. Share

Dr. Kaushik always believes that knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it gets rusted. He encourages everyone to be on a constant move of reading and writing for that helps to maintain an active mind enriched with knowledge. Share

I always think….. What I needed, Was someone who makes me do What I could And I really grabbed This marvelous opportunity As soon as I started working with you…. You are really an ideal figure for me Who gave me a line of thought Of using our leisure time as a Means of mental […]

He is a person with great vision in the field of education. He has the ability to convert a simple glass to diamond by his sharp edge technique. Working with such a wonderful personality is my good luck. In my opinion sir is P– Popular R– Reflected A– Ambitious B– Best H– Honorable A– Admirable […]

Dr. Kaushik is always ready with the innovative ideas which give us a new way of thinking and an energetic spirit for working hard. Your positive attitude helps us in performing better to achieve our goals. Your belief that there is no time and age limit to new things help us in improving ourselves. Thank […]

‘True guidance can afford true knowledge. It doesn’t depend on darkness and ignorance but on hard work always.’ These are the guidelines given by Dr. Prabhat Kaushik to people working with him. Share

I have known Dr. Prabhat Kumar kaushik since last 14 years. I strongly feel that his co-operation and motivational skills bring out the hidden talent in the people around him. I wish all the best to him and may his creativity and innovative strategy always keep enriching the field of education. Share

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik believes in doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. He is a symbol of hard work and honesty. I am proud to be a member of the team working for him. Share

Being a self- made man, he’s a great source of inspiration and motivation for us. I look up to him for he’s not only a good professional but has also touched our feelings. He has achieved the zenith of success in a short span of time, thus inspiring me to be focused, determined and persevering […]

It is a great pleasure to be associated with an eminent personality like Dr. Prabhat kaushik. He has always worked hard for the uplift of the students in India and all over the world. His project “connecting classroom in different continents” will be a great achievement in global education. I wish him ‘Good Luck’ for […]

Dr. Kaushik is a source of confidence, hard work, positive energy and dedication. His lectures turn even a sleepy head to an active person. Thank you sir for imparting such energy to all the people around you. Share

It is my honour to say a few words about Dr.Prabhat kaushik. You are very responsible, kind, cheerful and firm with positive outlook. I have learnt to be simple, down to earth from you. You have shown us that the man by his character is ultimately the builder of his own destiny. Thank you sir […]

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik with his enthusiastic and positive attitude towards work motivates everyone to work with full dedication. His visionary aspect makes our thorny way easy to cross. His lectures have helped us build our confidence. Thank you sir. Share

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a symbol of good behavior, understanding and motivation. He always appreciates good deeds and counsels for the wrong ones. Any person under his guidance will never face any failure. Thank you sir. Share

Dr. Prabhat Kumar Kaushik believes that a simple person can get glorious success by thirst of knowledge, hard work and ambition. He has a good sense of humour and good debating skills. He is a master of conveying his messages in a simple and understandable language. All these qualities have made him do wonders in […]


Respected Principal Sir, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in the organization established under your guidance. Sir, by showing trust in me you have helped me in gaining self confidence. Your inspirational and motivational lectures help us to move ahead and work in a disciplined manner. Thank you sir. Share

I am very happy to attend the meetings taken by Dr Prabhat. The way he makes the audience understands the concept of success in simple language is highly appreciated.He strongly believes in helping needy as ‘When the blind man carries the lame, both go forward’. I really feel a positive change in me. My perspective […]

It’s my honour to be working with a nice and skilful person, who is concerned and responsible towards his duties. He always shares his experiences with us. I have learnt a lot from his hard work. His struggle to achieve success motivates me and gives me positive energy. I wish him to achieve greater heights […]

Since last year, I have been working under the guidance of Dr. Prabhat Kaushik and have attended few sessions taken by him. I am highly impressed by his clear and precise way of thinking; he is really a man of principles and always keeps his words. I learnt have from him that “There is one […]

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik is a visionary and dynamic leader, who believes that the ‘line starts from where you stand’. He believes in continuous improvement and nothing less than perfection. He is a person who encourages team work. It’s my great fortune that I have got an opportunity to work with such a dynamic leader. Share

Dr. Prabhat Kaushik, your meeting on ‘Personality Development’ gave us a bank of ideas to handle the people of different nature and caliber. ‘Character is not readymade, but it is created bit by bit and day by day’. It has changed my way of thinking. I was totally frustrated while dealing with difficult people but […]

“Where there is a will, there is a way” Our Director (Sir) Me. Prabhat Kaushik has proved it right. He is a willing worker. He has a keen interest to know the ability of using hidden skills and identification of area and hobbies of colleagues. He shares his experiences time to time with all of […]

“His influence as an ideal person attracts eternity no one can measure where his influence stops.” Every person associated with Dr. Prabhat Kaushik feels lucky and fortunate to be under the guidance of such a simple and ideal person, who will confidently take them to the path of progress. Thank you sir for teaching ‘Perfection’ […]

“To run an institution needs hard work and leadership qualities but to establish an institution and run it with great success needs extra ordinary talent, dedication and self confidence.” Dr.Kaushik has collective vision for life & school improvement and initiated changes to Speer innovation, ensure student learning and increase achievements. He always works to make […]

It is my honour to listen and attend workshops of Dr. Prabhat Kaushik who is an ocean of knowledge and experiences. You are a model by simple living and high thinking. I have learnt a lot from your experiences and hard work. Your struggle to achieve this success motivates us. I wish you to achieve […]

Dr. Kaushik touches every life with his hard work, simple and pragmatic approach. He is a nice human being. His experiences during his struggling years develop the strength in every individual to work hard. I owe my thanks to him for without your guidance and support it would have been difficult for me to accept […]