Prof Group Captain OP Sharma
Prof Group Captain OP Sharma

Prabhat as I fondly call him is indeed Prabhat meaning thereby sunrise spreading his rays all over through igniting all minds- in fact all segments of population- the humanity at large. 

He – Dr Prabhat Kaushik in his performance has proved more than the sun in clearing the darkness of ignorance.

He is a lighted lamp who constantly, consistently, continuously marches forward in lighting the lamp in people to lead a dignified living in their respective occupations through value add ons in their profile under his friendly direction with guidance in philosophical frame of service to people is service to God.

Highly dynamic in his educational leadership profile Prabhat strives ceaselessly for excellence in all his endeavors and it is this passion that endears him to all and accounts for exceptional recognition both nationally and internationally at young age of 44 . He begin his glorious career as YOUNGEST PRINCIPAL in the country at a very young age. I feel proud to see that Prabhat is now one of the most sought after educationist for GIFTED & TALENTED and having reached the level of Mentor and Master Trainer to CBSE as Trainer and Assessor for Vocational Education , CBSE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India

True. Prabhat has proved better than me – his Guru in carving out a distinct niche in education and training ten years earlier than me . May He continue to bless Prabhat in all his initiatives and provide me proud moments of fulfillment in later years! God bless!

Prof. Gp. Capt.O. P. Sharma

Proud GURU of Prabhat


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