Margaret Jackson is a serving Headteacher with over twenty years’ experience in education. She has held several senior management positions in UK schools. Her interest in leadership and management comes from her belief that strong leadership can ensure that every child has the best possible education. As a result, Margaret has successfully worked with other leaders, locally, nationally and internationally, to share expertise, skills and knowledge. Margaret holds a Post Graduate Degree in Education Management and a National Professional Qualification in Headship and has been judged by Inspectors of the Office for Standards in Education (England) as an Outstanding Leader.

Margaret first travelled to India in 1992. Further extended stays have cemented her appreciation of this diverse country. In recent years Margaret has been able to combine her enthusiasm for educational leadership and development with her interest in learning more about educational developments in India. This has been achieved through working with the British Council, alongside Mark Whitehill and Wirral Local Authority, linking with schools in North India. Margaret and Mark intend to continue this link, working with educational leaders in India, to learn from each other, in order to enhance the educational experience of pupils in both countries.


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