Dr Prabhat Kaushik has surely been one of the highlights of my professional life and has also made a notable impact on how I view modern education today. I think the first thing that struck me about Dr. Kaushik was the easy manner in which he created an immediate comfort zone for each and every participant. The second realization was his proactive approach to every issue – shunning redundant time wasters and ushering in positive thought patterns targeted at progress and development. Ever since that first meeting with sir, I have made it a point to follow his work and contribution to the constantly evolving education platform in this great nation of ours. My own involvement and commitment to driving change in the way teaching is delivered to the 21st century child has achieved a new benchmark by simply following Dr. Kaushik’s thoughts which are clear indicators of the changes which are essential in today’s emerging student profile. An important Agent of Change, Dr Kaushik encourages all stakeholders to bring technology into the school and to elevate the much misused Computer Lab to a new level by insisting that the facilitator first makes a thorough study of the product before attempting to impart something that one is not convinced of ones self! I admire great teachers but as a new study reveals – even the most talented teachers cannot become great by themselves.! It is not only a pleasure but a privilege to be associated with an educator of Dr. Prabhat Kaushik’s stature.


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