I got to meet, listen and interact with you during the programme hosted by the Mysore Sahodaya on last Friday. It was certainly a pleasant experience, listening to you and getting to know about your interest in children and passion for education. It’s certainly a privilege to meet someone of your standing and stature and understand the noble vision and dreams you’ve for our nation and for the future of education. I personally felt that had our education system been led from front by people like you, with your passion, vision, and direction, we would have been able to address the issues that the present policies on education that our nation is going through, with practical approaches and futuristic action plans. I pray for such a day to come, sooner than later.
I, as the President of the Mysore Sahodaya School Complex, and as a person fortunate enough to be a part of the programme led by you, would like to thank you for your invaluable time and consideration or all of us. Your humility and openness are certainly admirable and worth emulation!


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