Its been more than 4 years that I know Dr. Kaushik where we have shared the same platform addressing more than 100 Principals in Jaipur. its been a remarkable experience to hear him, your address transformed my life Sir. Dr. Kaushik is a ‘A Man with Vision’ and that’s not all… An articulate mentor who also knows how to execute and transform in real life.

Whether it’s policy decision in CBSE or execution of new education initiative, from the field of administration to education initiative, from mentoring to handholding, He know it all….Dr. Kaushik is known for his eloquent approach and winning strategies.

It is hard to find a person like Dr. Kaushik who is versatile, pool of knowledge, humble, and so on….The list is endless…. Last but not the least this reminds me a quote from Steve Jobs – it says – Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. Please keep me guided as your true disciple.


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