Dear Dr.Kaushik It is matter of proud privileged for me to be with you. I am happy to note your vision to create new leaders for the future . Your performance in all the areas of school education has been commendable. I liked the most …..”DON`T FAIL THE CHILD IT IS MURDER” .That is the way all of us must realize. I think this philosophy is the real education. Not failing does not mean that no teaching happening but I am sure that more teaching happening in your schools. If you are ensuring that no one is failing that means your teachers are involved more and more with the children. I know it is not easy to do but you have made is possible to ensure that child comes out of the class with success through your innovative methods. You and your schools are able to develop curiosity in your students to look beyond the books and experiment. The successful educationist is one who encourages the children to go beyond the books and I am happy to see that this is being done by you. I am glad to understand your vision that every child is unique. I am ………really thankful to you Dr.Kaushik .


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